Shopping For A New Conveyor System? Choose Right

Conveyor systems are the go to for any indoor transportation jobs. A number of industries such as canning and bottling, chemicals and automotive and more use conveyor systems on a daily basis. In fact, without them, almost all those industries would slow down or close shop because they would not be able to keep up with the demand.

If you feel that a conveyor system will help your business progress, and you are considering purchasing one, it is important for you to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all type of conveyor. There are several types, and each fulfills unique needs.

Why Would You Choose A Conveyor?

A conveyor will help you transport your products in a safe and reliable way. If you have materials that are heavy, and need a lot of labor to handle, then your best option would be a conveyor system as opposed to human labor.

Conveyors are used indoors, and offer more transporting solutions as compared to a forklift, which is limited in its operations. There is no limit to the amount of work a conveyor can do as it can operate continuously if need be. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount or size of materials that a conveyor can handle.

Being able to choose the right conveyor system depends on factors such as the materials you have, the facility you operate in, maintenance required and the throughput.

• Material Handling – you cannot choose a small conveyor system if the material it will be handling is large. What kind of products does your business make? Are they small, large or heavy? These factors will help you choose the right system that has the features that are capable of handling your products.

• Facilities – the conveyor system you choose needs to be one that fits in your facility. So you will need to get the layout of your facility and determine the amount of space you have available for the conveyor. In addition to space, you need to ensure that the conveyor will have good access to your loading and unloading areas. If you feel like your business may move to new premises in the future, then you may need to get a conveyor system that is flexible enough to fit into the new premises.

• Maintenance – Because the conveyor system is essentially a machine, it will experience technical difficulties every once in a while. Granted, they cannot compare to the burnout or illness that often slows down human labor every now and then. Parts of the conveyor will wear out over time and will need replacement or repairs. Before buying any conveyor, look for reviews from people who have used it for a while. Is it prone to breakdowns? Is it easy to repair? Are its spare parts available?

• Throughput – this refers to the speed with which the conveyor can move items. Does your business need slow or fast throughput? There are conveyors that are built to cater for each speed. Some even offer both.

A conveyor system will add value to your business, but only if you choose the right one.